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Firestorm Armada - Sorylian Collective (1:600)

Firestorm Armada - Sorylian Collective (1:600)

The Sorylian Collective has suffered badly in the initial stages of the Dindrenzi War, largely due to faulty deployment and the speed with which the Dindrenzi Fleets have advanced. They have always dispersed their fleets to respond to any crisis within the Collective, whether it is caused by Terran colonists, Raiders or the Dindrenzi. As they come to grips with the threat that the Dindrenzi pose to the defenses of the Storm Zone, the Collective and its leader Primary Gharadt are rethinking their policy. That is not to say that they will send every available warship to the Storm Zone, but the Sorylian war machine is certainly building up a head of steam to reinforce Fathoms Reach. Their fleet commanders, the Ngorre, are still concerned with the defense of their borders, and will ensure that they keep strong battle groups deployed from Ghath up to Machach and back to Garradin. The Sorylians have signed up to the Kurak Alliance out of necessity, in order to bring an end to the irritation to them that is the Dindrenzi Federation. They have also been in several conflicts with their allies over the centuries, in particular with the Aquans. The Sorylians have fought many battles in Fathoms Reach against the Aquans, until they eventually lost interest in the contest. Of more concern to the Sorylian leaders is a large Raider Sector bordering Panthuk and Kalath, which is a source of repeated attacks on their systems. It is rumored that several factions within the Raider Sector have combined in order to attack large Sorylian settlements. In the past they would only strike isolated planets and out of the way trading lanes, but it is suspected that they are funded by either the Dindrenzi or Directorate, who encourage them to harass Sorylian planets. The Sorylians are engaged in extensive research of stellar events and cosmic phenomena. They have multiple facilities that observe regions within Sorylian territory including those called the Goum Phenomena and Charradin Phenomena. The Raider factions have struck near these facilities in recent years, and this is considered a danger not just by the Sorylian military, but Sorylian society as a whole, as it is a culture that places high prestige on the academic fields of cosmology, astronomy and theoretical physics.

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