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Firestorm Armada - Dindrenzi Federation (1:600)

Firestorm Armada - Dindrenzi Federation (1:600)

The Dindrenzi Federation controls twice as many resource rich planets as the Terrans, and has a much more active economy and funding base for military research. The most successful direction of galactic exploration is toward the expanding edge of the Universe which the Dindrenzi have the monopoly on, encompassing systems such as Thor’s Stead, Houghton and Sanctuary. As a result, the Federation has advanced ahead of the Terran Satellite Charter in terms of its technological development and trade network. Its citizens are forward thinking and industrious, while its leaders are inventive and aggressive. The Dindrenzi consider the Terrans to be lesser cousins, and the Alliance to be a stagnant empire. It is a collection of ruling families within the Rense system that have used the massive defense budget available to them to strengthen the Dindrenzi Navy. The scientists of the Directorate have improved the power of the Fold Space Drives of Dindrenzi warships, which is a major factor in the blistering success that Dindrenzi fleets have had during the initial phases of the Storm Zone campaign. Some of the Dindrenzi fleets have the most experienced commanders and crews in the region. The Federation has engaged in a strategy of harassment of Aquan and Sorylian border planets over recent centuries, and fought both empires in a series of Xeno Wars. This has kept their training and doctrine up to a high standard, despite an element of friction between the Navy and the Directorate. The Navy has lost some of its officer corps to recruitment by the Directorate, which engages in clandestine operations against the Aquans and Sorylians, including funding the Raider Sectors. The Navy resents having to resolve border flare-ups caused by the Directorate and having to fight off incursions by Raider fleets that have often taken Directorate credits and attacked Dindrenzi territory as well as that of the Terrans anyway. This resentment has failed to disrupt the Dindrenzi war machine, or weaken the commitment of the Navy to the destruction of the Terran Alliance. The Naval Schools at Knizier and Tauben educate their students in the history of violence against Dindrenzi space by the Terrans, including the destruction of Dramos and the execution of mutineers within the Commonwealth Fleet during the Terran War.

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