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Firestorm Armada - Aquan Prime (1:600)

Firestorm Armada - Aquan Prime (1:600)

The Aquans are concentrating their fleets between Urelius, Slyvas and Skirren in order to safeguard their spiritual motherland Csera, in the Slyvas system. They are fully committed to fight the Dindrenzi for as long as it takes, and if necessary invade Dindrenzi space in order to reduce or destroy their support bases. They have full confidence in the Kurak Alliance and have left their more distant territories stripped of defenses and logistics. The exception to this realignment of forces is a region called the Isbadyr Arm, a strip of Aquan space hemmed in between The Harrison Belt and the Dindrenzi border. Several Fold Space shunts beyond is the Directorate, whose warships are thought to be responsible for the destruction of many Aquan settlements and research facilities. Every Aquan battle group that has pursued these warships to rescue kidnapped Aquan colonists has been turned back or defeated by Dindrenzi fleets deployed in the Wimms Corridor over the border. The Aquans hate the Directorate and despise the Dindrenzi for the many injustices that they have suffered at their hands, but they have also against fought their allies in the past. They have gone to war against the Terrans over border disputes, and were once engaged in a protracted war with the Sorylians. The reason that Fathoms Reach was thought to be something of a no man’s land by the Terrans was because the Aquans and Sorylians had fought many campaigns there in past centuries. Some Terrans consider many of the Aquan politicians and nobles to be particularly wily and cunning. These are attributes more commonly found in their generals and admirals, but because of this dislike for the Aquans, some ministers of the Terran Satellite Charter suspect that they have intentions to claim parts of Fathoms Reach for themselves when the dust settles. The Aquans are keen to calm these fears, as they recognize the danger that the Dindrenzi Federation poses. They also have other concerns, particularly about the Directorate, but also the stability of the region known as Saurian Territory. Despite benefiting from the Shield technology of the Saurians, the Aquans suspect that there is division and strife between the Kurchas Tribes that live there.

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