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The Underdark is a vast underground region replete with many iconic D&D monsters, including the infamous – and popular – drow elves. The figures in this set are chosen from key D&D titles such as the Monster Manual, Book of Exalted Deeds, and Complete Adventurer. The set also features a wealth of characters from Forgotten Realms books including Underdark, Unapproachable East, City of the Spider Queen, and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Forgotten Realms novel readers will also recognize a range of familiar characters. As an added bonus, eight miniatures will also have a second stat card that features epic-level stats specifically for high-level versions of those figures. All figures come with stat cards unless otherwise noted. All figures graded SW (MINT) are sealed in there original bag.

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Roper (R)

By: Wizards of the Coast

Stock #: WOCUNDER56    Year: 2005

Type: CMG

Product Line: Dungeons & Dragons - Collectible Miniatures Game - Underdark Singles

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