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Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - The Living Dead of Acheron

Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - The Living Dead of Acheron

A huge tidal wave of living dead, herded by lords raised from the grave and a handful of corrupt-minded living leaders. Such is the army of Acheron. The fear caused by the terrifying hordes is matched only by the hunger for power of their living commanders. All animated by a faultless determination to serve Darkness. Relying on numbers and terror, the army of the Ram overwhelms its enemies…all its enemies. The cursed barony of Acheron has chosen the Ram as its emblem, the symbol of the eternal alliance binding them to the horned lords of the Abyss. Year after year, the army of the Ram grows in power. To the liches and the necromancers leading it all that matters is how much power and knowledge one can gain. To the lords of the dead and their demonic allies, time is a faithful ally: all living beings, friend or foe, are bound to die eventually… Each death reinforces the power of the Ram. The immortal masters of Acheron merely need to wait and survive the plotting of their families to raise their most useful servants or their fiercest enemies. Their necrotic flesh animated by horrendous spells, the dead march inexorably towards the enemy. However, the living also have their place in the army of the Ram: they know that death is just a change of state that will make them more powerful and will open the highest spheres of power. The former barony of Acheron is organized into two troop corps, the elder and the ambitious Acheronians honor Salaüel, the lord of the Abyss, with gifts of blood. They seek to unlock the secrets of Darkness in the stars of the constellation of the Ram.

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