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Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Griffins of Akkylanie

Confrontation (2nd Edition) - The Age of The Ragnarok - Griffins of Akkylanie

The Empire of Akkylannie is aware of the imminence of the end of the world and is conscious of its duties towards mortals. It knows that the gods worshipped by most peoples are mere icons or wicked creatures abusing the gullibility of mortals. The soldiers of Akkylannie are fighting a merciless war to save all the peoples of Aarklash and to shepherd them into the light of their god, Merin. They have chosen a symbol that suits their mission: the Griffin, the determination of the Lion and the vigilance of the bird of prey. On the battlefield the Griffin army is probably the best organized on all Aarklash. Disciplined and well equipped, Akkylannians wage war like no others on the continent. They never step down when faced with the enemy and, thanks to imperial conscription, they can send great numbers of fighters into battle. Furthermore, when numbers are not enough, the Akkylannians bring out the big guns and call upon the powers of Merin to accomplish the prophecy of the One God. No matter their army corps, Akkylannians are united by the same fervor. They are governed by well established institutions with complex hierarchies. On the frontline of the struggle against Darkness difficult choices sometimes need to be made. To fight these dilemmas, some have made a move towards Light, while others rely on the cleansing fire of the One God. Akkylannians worship Merin. They call him the One God and address their prayers to the constellation of the Griffin.

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