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Confrontation (1st Edition) - Lions of Alahan - Loose Miniatures

Confrontation (1st Edition) - Lions of Alahan - Loose Miniatures

Founded over five centuries ago by the descendents of two Kelt clans, the Kingdom of Alahan is a land of justice and prosperity. It is the most valiant defender of Light on a continent that is prey to Darkness. The knights and the powerful magicians of the Lion are paragons of virtue. Their exploits have become legendary. The nine noble houses of Alahan are grateful for the honor, heroism and loyalty of the brave fighters who wield their coats of arms. In an age where the enemies of Light make use of the most perfidious means, the Lions of Alahan don’t just content themselves with traveling all over the world as wandering knights looking for wrongs to right. They make the most of their incredible audacity and their velour in the war that they have chosen to wage: the one for Goodness. The Lions of Alahan are allied with the Cynwäll elves, the Griffins of Akkylannie, the Sphinxes and the Kelts of the Sessairs clan.

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