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Chronopia - Stygians  (Target Games)

Chronopia - Stygians (Target Games)

The One King has disturbed an ancient and terrible menace. The Stygian Horde has spread to the edges of the Black Plateaus of the Vulture Clan Dwarves and on more than one occasion has threatened to breach the integrity of the great Talon Gates. The Horde has overrun several of the Elven mercantile cities. The Blackbloods have encountered them far into the trade routes through the Lands of the Flame, as well as the gates of Belshazzar itself. The One King has fought them and defeated them at the ziggurat of Ipkur-Kish but the ever-growing tide of Stygian has met them between the River of Time and the River of Blood, on the Plain of Bones. The Stygian are sleek and muscular, with iridescent skins and crested carapaces. They are astonishingly agile and frighteningly fast. Their bronze, enameled armor is richly embellished with turquoise, carnelian and white jade. Their eyes are cruelly intelligent with a sentience unknown to any of the other races of Chronopia.

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