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Chronopia - Dwarves (Target Games)

Chronopia - Dwarves (Target Games)

The Dwarves are the most tragic of races, but their tragedy is the very foundation of their iron will. The Dwarves once lived among their gods. Noble and strong, The Dwarven pantheon led the clans in the early days and used their powers to create the vast Ringholds the Dwarves inhabit. Tragedy struck during the many conflicts that occurred in the years following the One King's death. The clans split, each attempting to gain supremacy of the others. During this turmoil, the Jackal Clan sought power by turning to the Dark One. Using their hellborn sorcery, the Jackals tried to destroy the Gods of the opposing clans and turn them to the Devout. They created what became known as the Wilding. Raw energy coursed through all the Ringholds bringing about a terrible transformation in their gods. All but the most primitive intelligence left them, as they became twisted and animalistic. For a while they fought their own people - until the Dwarves pushed them back, deep into the pits of the Ringholds. Dwarven Shamen traced the origin of the Wilding to the Jackals and a terrible war of retribution followed. Many of the Jackals were brutally killed, but many more escaped into the shadows, hiding until the Great Purge when they joined the Dark Prophets on the Dead March, becoming one at last with their demonic kin.

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