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Dark Druids

Author: Robert Kuntz
Publish Year: 2015
Pages: 56
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Module


Evil grows in Fang Forest! The Dark Druids commit foul atrocities, holding no respect for human, plant, or animal life. They abhor civilization, and have begun assassinating key political figures and destroying settlements. As their horrible influence expands, they have begun changing nature, distorting it to their evil ways. In doing these things, the Dark Druids threaten the very fabric of existence. Their terror must stop!

Dark Druids includes complete descriptions and maps for an outdoor area and a three-level adventure site, and is easily adaptable to most campaign settings. It also includes:

  • Outline for continuing into the Claws in the Dark (2 pages)
  • Robert J. Kuntz’s historical context and commentary on this module’s relationship to his campaigns of the 1970’s (2+ pages)
  • New magic items and monsters (5 pages)
  • Dark Druid variant class & Sect descriptions (4 pages), plus spell descriptions (6 pages)


  • System: For use with 1st Edition AD&D, and largely compatible with 2nd edition, the Basic game, the Original game, as well as the various clones and simulacra.
  • Format: 56 pages, saddle stitched. Retro-style detached cover with maps on the cover interior.
  • Author: Robert J. Kuntz
  • Cover Artists: Jeremy Hart (front cover), Ian Baggley (back cover)
  • Interior Artists: Ian Baggley, Jason Braun, Courtney Campbell, Andy “ATOM” Taylor, Brian “GLAD” Thomas