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Wheel of Time #7 - A Crown of Swords

Wheel of Time #7 - A Crown of Swords
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Wheel of Time #7 - A Crown of Swords
Category: Novels & Comics
Author: Robert Jordan
Publish Date: 1997
Pages: 880
Dimensions: 4x7x2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147828039
Type: Novel - Softcover


In A CROWN OF SWORDS, Elayne, Aviendha, and Mat come ever closer to locating the Bowl of the Winds, a ter’angreal that may reverse the endless heat wave sent by the Dark One and restore natural weather.

Egwene begins to gather all manner of women who can channel—Sea Folk, Windfinders, Wise Ones, and some surprising others. And above all, Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael, in the shadows of Shandar Logoth, where the blood-hungry mist, Mashadar, waits for prey…