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Devout Aurastone Hammer (R)

Devout Aurastone Hammer (R)
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Devout Aurastone Hammer (R)
Category: Magic & CCG's
Product Note: equipment
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2147908199
Type: CCG (Single)


This is a table top collectible card game and has no connection to the World of Warcraft MMORPG other than the name of the game and the theme. This is not a sale of any of Blizzard Entertainment's intellectual property associated with the Video Game. To be clear, no in game property for the World of Warcraft is being sold.

[Activate] => You pay 1 less to play your next ally this turn and an additional 1 less for each heirloom counter on this equipment.
Stash (As this enters your resource row, you may have it enter face up. Immediately turn it face down.): Add an heirloom counter to target equipment you control.

Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Equipment
ATK: 1 (Melee
DEF/Health/Strike cost: 3
Play Cost: 2
Faction: Neutral
Tag: Melee (1)