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Infantry Company (1st Edition)

Infantry Company (1st Edition)
Product Note: 33 figures
Publish Date: 2011
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set

Infantry Company (1st Edition)
Infantry Company (1st Edition)


The Bo Doi, foot soldiers, are the core of the infantry companies. As the troops of B3 Front are some of the best in the PAVN, they have an almost equal mix of the newer AK47 assault rifles and older SKS carbines. The squad automatic
weapon is the RPD machine-gun, a modernized, belt-fed version of the WWII-era DP ‘record player’ machine-gun. Each squad also contains a B40 rocket launcher, a Chinese copy of the Soviet RPG-2.

Noting the success of Chinese bayonet charges in driving the US forces back into South Korea, the Vietnamese have practiced bayonet tactics. Every soldier is eager to kill Americans and close and use their bayonet to great effect.

This box set contains all of the models required to field a PAVN Infantry Company with two platoons.


  • Command team
  • Eight Assault Rifle teams
  • Six B40 teams with optional upgrades to B41 teams
  • Two optional LMG teams