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Guerrilla Warfare Weapons - The Modern Underground Fighters' Armoury

Guerrilla Warfare Weapons - The Modern Underground Fighters' Armoury
Author: Terry Gander
Publish Year: 1989
Pages: 136
Dimensions: 5.25x8.5x.55"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


The guerilla, the author contends in this book is by no means a modern phenomenon. These political activists, freedom fighters or revolutionaries are seen to have played a part in social unrest since before historical records were kept. What may be regarded as the culmination of guerrilla warfare as an established practice took place when the Communist Chinese won power from the previous Chinese governing bodies in 1949. The Communist Chinese victory seemed to mark the point where what had formerly been an unplanned and extemporized method of fighting became an established form of modern warfare, but it was in reality only a marker on the page of history. This book concentrates on the present-day weapons available to and employed by guerrilla armies. From explosive devices, pistols, rifles and machine guns to missiles and heavy ordnance, Terry Gander describes the weapons as well as their roles in warfare and their often unofficial sources.