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Aeronautica Imperialis - Aerial Combat in the 41st Millennium

Aeronautica Imperialis - Aerial Combat in the 41st Millennium
Product Line: Forge World
Publish Year: 2006
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 13x8x.75"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


Tactica Aeronautica is a 128 page hard back supplement for Aeronautica Imperialis, a tabletop wargame for two or more players, where you command the aircraft of the Imperial Navy or one or its many alien enemies. This book provides you with additional rules for Aeronautica Imperialis, as well as new aircraft, new background and the Typha-IV campaign.

Inside you'll find:

New Rules: New and expanded rules for Aeronautica Imperialis, including aircraft upgrades for all races, expanded squadron lists, and guidance for designing and building ground installations.

New Aircraft Guides: Detailed background, specifications and colour profiles for seven aircraft of the 41st Millennium. You'll find the Imperium's Marauder Colossus and Vigilant; brutal Ork Bommers and Blasta Bommers; Tau Empire Remora drone fighers and the TigerShark AX-2-2; and the huge and powerful Chaos Harbinger heavy bomber.

Campaigns and Scenarios: Details of the Typha-IV campaign. As a well equipped Tau Empire strike Force attacks the industrial facilities of Typha-IV, the Imperial Navy must respond to defend the planet from the alien attacking a desperate battle. The campaign includes background, campaign system and historical scenarios.

Hobby Articles: Contains tactics articles, rules questions and answers from the Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook and designer's notes.