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Wamphyrs Unit Box

Wamphyrs Unit Box
by Rackham
Product Note: 4 figures
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


“There are worse things than vultures hovering over the battlefield…”

– Saying of the Behemoth.

Within the Acheronian forces, the Wamphyrs fly at the forefront of the armies of the dead, carried by the power of dark mana more than their decrepit wings. They soar above the battlefield waiting for their hour to sound… the hour for feasting!

Wamphyrs are quick, powerful, and lethally dangerous. They do not have the endurance of a warrior in a suit of heavy armor, but they compensate for this apparent weakness by the sheer number and ferocity of their attacks (Attack/Strength 7/5, Fierce ability). Given their voracious appetite, plate armor is like a cloth shirt to them: merely a package to be torn in order to access the tender flesh desired within. Thanks to their wings (Flight ability) no obstacle can slow them down when they are looking for fresh meat, the only thing important to them.