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Rhea of Brisis Hero Box

Rhea of Brisis Hero Box
by Rackham
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


“Seal our pact in blood.”

– Rhea of Brisis

The Hero Box: Rhea of Brisis contains an Incarnate for the army of the Ram. Rhea of Brisis is the best magician of the Ram. She can cast dark rituals of unbelievable power, turning the tide of battle.

Rhea of Brisis is meant to cast powerful Ram rituals. She has no place in mélée: she is better of leaving that task to her followers, of which she prefers to have as many as possible. This magician has access to artifacts that allow her to occupy any position on the battlefield, from the front line all the way to the back. The Seal of Erebus increases the number of rituals she is allowed; Beauty of Dhalila deprives her enemies of their valuable skills.

The magic powers of Rhea of Brisis reach their maximum whenever she joins a unit composed of two “Necromancer Skull” Unit Boxes.

Rhea de Brisis’s story, artefacts and special abilities are detailed in the Army Book: Ram.