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Pak'ma'ra Fleet Box (1st Edition)

Pak'ma'ra Fleet Box (1st Edition)
Genre: Babylon 5
Product Note: 24 figures
Publish Year: 2007
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Box Set


The pak’ma’ra are carrion eaters and scavengers of the highest (or lowest, depending on your point of view) caliber, and little escapes their grasp as they drift through the galaxy. Few ever take notice of what the pak’ma’ra are doing, usually out of a deep sense of revulsion. This gives them an eerie stealth that often surprises their enemies. The pak’ma’ra are everywhere. They accomplish this not by high technology or telepathic influence but through the collective ignorance and prejudice set against them.

The fleets of the pak’ma’ra revolve around their ability to make lucrative trade contracts over the highly-prized Quantium-40 that is thick on many of their system’s worlds and moons. In exchange for decent trade taxation and Q-40 pricing several League races donate older starship hulls to the pak’ma’ra. Gutting these vessels of foreign technologies, the pak’ma’ra refit the ships to better suit their needs. Those who have traded vessels to the pak’ma’ra are sometimes horrified to find their former ships filled with junk, organic leftovers and other materials. Once modified for the carrion eaters’ lifestyle and dietary habits, they can ply the space lanes for as long as they wish.

Often carrying expensive loads of Quantium-40, the pak’ma’ra have had to heavily augment their vessels in order to protect themselves from raiders and other enemies. Masters of plasma technology, every weapon system on their ships is tied into a central plasma-battery engine. The use of plasma is considered by most as an old and defunct relic of the shipbuilding industry, yet the pak’ma’ra rely on it. They have managed to deploy powerful heavy plasma cannons on very small ships and fit the deadly and infamous plasma torpedo launcher in order to give them a longer-ranged punch. Not known for the ferocity of their marines or the agility of their pilots, every ship is fitted with plasma web interceptors to spin deadly strands of superheated gas around enemy fighters, literally slicing them to ribbons.

This fleet box set contains everything you need to get your pak'ma'ra into space;

• 12 Porfatis System Boats
• 3 Urik'Hal Supermerchants
• 3 Psul'Shi Convoy Guardians
• 3 Ikorta Armed Merchants
• 2 Warbird Cruisers
• 1 Halik Frigate