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Sergeants! - Expansion

Sergeants! - Expansion
Category: War Games
Product Line: Sergeants!
Publish Date: 2007
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Ziplock

Sergeants! - Expansion


So far the Soviet, German, British and Italian soldiers in the SERGEANTS game system have had it pretty much to themselves. Oh, there’s a deadly assortment of mortars, flamethrowers and shaped-charge weapons and that nasty German infantry gun, but it has always been the shoulder weapons that settled the issue and decided the outcome of a scenario. SERGEANTS! – Expansion adds U. S. Army and French soldiers to that reliable mix. But, this is not a complete game as in the past. There are no dice, no pin markers, no fire markers and no rules for the soldiers – just use those four pages of rules, dice and pin and fire markers already included in one of the complete games (SERGEANTS! – On the Eastern Front or SERGEANTS! – In the Sand.)

However, although incomplete by itself, SERGEANTS! – Expansion adds much, much more:

• 280 Die-Cut Counters:
• Soldiers: Complete sets of soldier units for France and the United States Army.
• Objective Markers: These are additional wooden buildings, canvas tents, depots and parked aircraft.
• Obstacle Markers: Barbed wire, marked minefields (real and fake), antitank ditches and roadblocks (dragon’s teeth).
• Ammunition Variants: Preliminary bombardments and cratered ground, smoke shells to obscure day movements and star shells tto turn night into day.
• Fortifications: Pillboxes, bunkers and fortified caves. Some fortifications can be linked to create “spider holes”, etc.
• Field Entrenchments: Foxholes and Trenches.
• Vehicles and Towed Antitank Guns: These can engage in tank battles or support the infantry.
• British: Matilda Infantry Tank, Crusader III Cruiser Tank, Crocodile Flamethrower Tank, Universal Carrier, Truck, Long Range Desert Group Truck, 2 pounder antitank gun and 6 pounder antitank gun.
• French: H-35 Tank, S-35 Tank, 25mm antitank gun and 47mm antitank gun.
• German: Panzer IIC Light Tank, Panzer IIIM Medium Tank, Panzer IVE Medium Support Tank, Panzer IVH Medium Tank, Panzer V “Panther”, Sturmgeschutz IIIG, SdKfz 251/1 Halftrack, SdKfz 232 Armored Car, SdKfz 222 Armored Car, Kubelwagen, 50mm antitank gun and 75mm antitank gun.
• Italian: L6 Light Tank, M13 Medium Tank, Semovente M41, AB 41 Armored Car, Truck and 47mm antitank gun.
• Japanese: (There will be no infantry to go with these for a while, but they are here anyway.) T95 Light Tank, T-97 Medium Tank, Truck and 37mm antitank gun.
• Soviet: BT-7, T-34/76, T-34/85, KV-1, SU-76, SU-85, BA-10 Armored Car, Truck, 45mm antitank gun and 76mm antitank gun.
• United States: Suart Light Tank, Chaffee Light Tank, M3 “Lee/Grant” Medium Tank, M4/75 “ Sherman ” Medium Tank, M3 Halftrack, M-10 Tank Destroyer, M-8 Scout Car, Jeep, Truck, and 57mm antitank gun.
• Rules: 8 pages of rules.
• Charts: Standard Information for the Soldier units and Information Charts for the vehicles and antitank guns,
• Scenarios: There are four different scenarios using various nationalites and all incorporating units and/or bases from the SERGEANTS! – Expansion.
• Mapboards: There are two oversize Mapboards used with the scenarios.
• Be the first on your block to wage blitzkreig warfare.