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Heroes of Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars

Heroes of Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars
Sub Category: Software & PC Games
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Year: 1996
Restockable: No
Type: Software (boxed)


Heroes of Might and Magic II picks up where the first game ended. After a long and peaceful reign, Lord Ironfist has died and left behind two potential heirs to the throne. The player assumes the role of one of his two sons, Archibald and Roland, as the land is plunged into civil war and brother faces off against brother.

The game features completely updated graphics from the first, as well as an adaptable interface. In fact, the overall tone of the game will change drastically depending on whether or not you choose to play as the good Roland, or his evil brother Archibald.

The game also features two new character classes, the Necromancer, and the Wizard each with new spells and new armies to call upon. In addition, your choices in the earlier missions directly effect the situation in later ones. Choose to aid the dwarves and find they repay the favor by allying with you. Choose not to, and fight alone.