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La Revolution Francaise

La Revolution Francaise
Condition: NM
Condition Note: unpunched
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La Revolution Francaise
Category: War Games
Publish Date: 1995
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148605108
Type: Boxed Game


October 1791. The French National Assembly convenes. Play one of the political parties during this ultra-revolutionary period. You will dispose of a lot of means to act towards the reinforcement of your position and the increase in your fame.

Your aim is to convince the population to share your political ideas, but be careful, you will have to face numerous plots set up by your opponents. The figures engaged in this titanic contest (Robespierre, Marat...) will be of a great help to this end, but they may well be arrested and executed along the way...

Some of you may prefer strength to political schemes. Is there anything better than revolts to deprive your opponents of income and show your popularity...? In order to bring calm back to France, will you have to use the bayonets ?

Those events are part of the stormy and exciting debates at the Assembly, where laws are debated, decided or annulled. Your own oratory talents will allow your party to gain temporary or definitive partners. The laws and the changes in these institutions are decided in this hemicycle and thus the future of the Nation is engaged.

But the domestic disputes are not the only threat ; strong foreign forces are lingering on the borders, ready to prey on the Sons of liberty. The time will come to declare the Nation in Danger and call all true patriots to arms, for you to run a merciless but just and, of course, victorious war.

Hardly is a danger aside, then comes the shodow of the carpetbaggers with its lot of monetary crisis and devaluation. During this violent period, be careful of what you say and what you spend. Danton, Robespierre, La Fayette or Louis XVI, all the famous people of that time are ready to kill each other. Madame Guillotine is looming over their horizon while you can hear the noise of the English, Prussians, Austrians and Emigrates boots already...

The game includes:
1 grand campaign
480 counters, 3 dices
1 map
1 rule booklet
8 player aids