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Clan Elemental Suit

Clan Elemental Suit
Genre: BattleTech
Product Note: 5 pcs.
Restockable: No
Type: Miniatures Pack


The 3050 Clan invasion introduced the Inner Sphere to ClanTech OmniMechs and their smaller brethren, 10-foot tall Clan Elemental battle armor suits that enclose powerful, genetically enhanced Clan warriors from 7' to 8.5' tall. This battle armor features a 'Mech class laser or machine gun, an armor ripping claw with underslung anti-personnel weapon and an SRM-2 missile pack that detaches after its missiles are fired. Mobility is provided by jump jets or riding on Clan OmniMechs in units of five Elementals.

This 2" (50mm) tall Elemental model was sculpted by Tim DuPertuis and Dave Summers from a WizKids Inc. original design. The model is scaled for use with 28mm miniatures and Armorcast's 1/60th scale 'Mechs®.

The kit contains 5 parts made of lead free pewter: Body/legs, backpack, left claw arm, right laser arm and right machine gun arm. Each arm type has 5 different angles that are randomly packed in the blisters to give more variety in posing the model.

The backpack is a separate piece that can be made detachable with Blu-Tack, rare earth magnets or pinning.

The pewter 30mm base with a tech-deck plate design can be used as is or covered with flock for outdoor battles.

The model is supplied unpainted and assembly is required.