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Chronology of World War Two

Chronology of World War Two
Author: Edward Davidson, Dale Manning
Publish Date: 1999
Pages: 286
Dimensions: 6.5x10x1.4"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


70 color illustrations! The rampaging Blitzkrieg techniques of the Nazis overwhelmed the nations they invaded so suddenly and completely that even now, more 50 years later, experts still attempt to sort out what happened and when. Day by day, this valuable chronology clarifies the confusion, and shows each step in the Axis nations' plans and executions of their invasions, side by side with the Allies' repulsions of the assaults and their build-up toward eventual victory. Close-up demonstrations, almost headline-urgent, explain how each set-piece battle was won or lost, how military and political leaders met with success or failure, and even the ebb and flow of national morale. As the war spread across the Atlantic and Pacific, every theater receives its own special diary. The result is a unique vision of the ways events in one part of the world rippled around the globe to affect the outcome in ways scarcely realized at the time they occurred.