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Swordbearer (2nd Edition)

Swordbearer (2nd Edition)
Author: B. Dennis Sustare
Publish Date: 1985
Restockable: No
Type: Box Set


Sword Bearer is a complete fantasy role-playing game. It covers all areas of concern to players and gamemasters alike, including detailed discussions of such subjects as:

Character Creation
A Variety of Intelligent Character Races
Magic (Both Elemental and Spirit Magic)
Campaigns (With a Detailed Mapping System)
Culture, Economies, and Religions
Animals and Creatures

Included in this boxed set are the revised, second edition rules to SWORDBEARER in the following format:

Sixty-page rulebook with the basic rules of play including character creation, combat, the character's place in society, combat rules, elemental and spirit magic, elementals, poisons and diseases.
Thirty-six-page rulebook for gamemasters setting up campaigns with rules for 28 intelligent species, animals and mythological creatures, and detailed gamemaster guidelines for mapping, balancing adventures and adventure creation.
Gamemaster's Screen.
Master Character Sheet suitable for photocopying.