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Living Greyhawk Journal #2 w/The Free City of Greyhawk Poster Map

Living Greyhawk Journal #2 w/The Free City of Greyhawk Poster Map
Product Line: Greyhawk (WOTC)
Publish Date: 2000
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.18"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


City of Greyhawk Poster Map
A Living Greyhawk Journal exclusive! Presenting an overhead view of Oerth’s signature city, this special poster map shows Greyhawk in stunning detail and serves as the blueprint for the campaign’s “home base.”
By Denis Tetreault

Gem of the Fanaess: City of Greyhawk Map Key
Every numbered location for this issue’s poster map! From the dark alleys of the Slum Quarter to the bustling docks of the Wharves, this location list has got you covered.
By Denis Tetreault and Erik Mona

Gem of the Fanaess: The Artisan's Quarter
The city of Greyhawk thrives on trade. Nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s Artisan’s Quarter, home to merchants, artists, and craftsmen. Beyond the Petit Bazaar, bright coins are contrasted by dark secrets.
By Denis Tetreault and Erik Mona

The Way of the Lake
Rivers cross the land like arteries, their trade giving life to the nations of the Flanaess. The Rhennee bargefolk of the Lake of Unknown Depths ply those rivers at will, swearing fealty to no king. Discover their intriguing culture within, including two new prestige classes suitable for LIVING GREYHAWK play.
By Lance Hawvermale

Campaign News
The latest rules updates, and a launch in the Duchy of Geoff.

Enchiridon of the Fiend-Sage
The Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra continues to add entries to his encyclopedia of the strange and wonderful creatures of the Flanaess. This issue, his pen chronicles the animus, the valley elf, a new type of bullywug, and the time-displaced grigaur.