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Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Collection - 4 Books!

Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Collection - 4 Books!
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Type: Box Set


The age of heraldic warfare; floods of soldiers charge headlong into the fray, fearing neither pain nor death, throwing themselves eagerly upon their enemies in hopes that they will achieve glory for their ruler, god, or country. The battles are long and brutal, and both pity and mercy are long since forgotten. This is the world of Warhammer fantasy. Trample your enemies beneath the hooves of your cavalry, thin their ranks with your archers, or roll the machines of war into battle and dominate the field of valor. Providing you with not only the core rules, but also a vast variety of army codices to choose from, this lot has something for every player. This lot includes:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Core Rules (6th Edition)
  • Warhammer Armies - The Empire (2000 Edition)
  • Warhammer Armies – Orcs & Goblins (2000 Edition)
  • Warhammer Armies - Hordes of Chaos (2002 Edition)

    Books range in condition from Fair to NM with most landing somewhere in the middle. Raise your banner and sound the drums of war with this Warhammer Fantasy Collection.