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Otosan Uchi
Ree Soesbee, Patrick Kapera
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In the center of the Emerald Empire, there is a city as old as the Kami themselves, filled with the culture of the Celestial Heavens. It is a city of wonder, of beauty and of bright gold and glittering jewels, where the webs of deception and intigue span a thousand years. Otosan Uchi is the home of the Hantei line, the mighty Emperors of the Emerald Empire, shining and touched by the blessings of the Sun Mother, Amaterasu, herself.
But within its brightly lit gates and shining lanterns, a dark heart beats beneath the bustling roads of the Emperor's city. The Seven Clans fight for control of powerful districts, poisoned knives strike from shadowed doorways, and four enchanted walls rise above a labyrinth of hidden corridors.
Otosan Uchi has stood, impenetrable, for a thousand years. That is about to change forever...
-Geography of the City: Complete with two huge maps, the city of Otosan Uchi is intricately detailed, building by building, in the most comprehensive city book ever released.

-The Scorpion's Sting: Learn the future of this great city, and of the powerful forces which war to control the Emerald Throne, in the most anticipated L5R supplement ever. Welcome to the Scorpion Clan Coup.

-Epic Adventure: Whether a campaign in itself, or as a supplement to a larger campaign, the city of Otosan Uchi is filled with adventure ideas, NPCs, and hundreds of detailed locations and encounters.

-History of the City: Suitable to place the city within any timeline, or to help you choose the epic events which affect the glorious city of Otosan Uchi in your personal campaign.

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