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War Room V2 Upgrade Kit

By: Nightingale Games

Type: Box Set

Product Line: War Room (2nd Edition)

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War Room V2 Upgrade Kit
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Box Set


Note: The Sicily Card fix for 1st edition is included in this pack.


  • Revised Morale Board - This functions mostly the same as the original but uses a track instead of piles of Stress Tokens. It has a vertical rather than horizontal layout and adds a 6th spot when converting Casualty Points to Stress. it is not essential, but completionists may want it.
  • Revised Reference - Because there are images of the new Morale Board and a few other minor updates these have changed to a very minor degree. Perhaps it's useful to have a 2nd set anyway? The Map on the flipside is unchanged as the World Map is unchanged.
  • Italy Revisions - We changed the color of the plastic commands for Italy to be a bit brighter and match the Nation Storage Box. Therefore we include them along with new stickers. We also include the revised Sicily Territory Card which has a minor setup fix on the back (1 INF instead of 2 INF for setup).
  • New codes on Pegboards - The New North Africa scenario calls for different starting setups. That means we added the tiny code letter A for Africa to 3 of the Nations. Italy the 4th doesn't need a code as it uses the same as the Global Setup.
  • 2nd Edition Rulebook - This is the real prize. All the other items are minor updates. The new rulebook has 4 more pages (36 total) with the new North Africa scenario, Quick Battle Rules, Quick Play Rules, the Nano Expansion Rules, and other minor edits. You can also get this separately if you feel you don't need the other stuff.


    What else might you want if looking to upgrade everything? You might want to look at the new Unit Storage Box, the new Dry-Erase Quick Battle Kit, and possibly the High-Five Pack if you don't have the dice roller cups already and want more bits.
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