Rocket to Russia (Kickstarter Edition)

By: 3,2,1…Action

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Product Line: Rocket to Russia

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Rocket to Russia (Kickstarter Edition)
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John Mcguire
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A madman is running amok on a mysterious island, where super science has gone horribly wrong and carnivorous creatures are chowing down on the soldiers stationed there. You are a member of a clandestine clean-up crew sent in to clear the air of this tropical hell before the clock runs out!

Rocket To Russia is a Sci-Fi Survival Adventure one-shot RPG — in the vein of Contra and Predator — set on a strange island in the middle of nowhere.

Rocket is played using the brand new 3,2,1...Action! RPG system where the focus is always on story and fun over physics. Have you ever watched a scene in your favorite action movie and wondered how you could make it work in an RPG? Have you ever wanted to drop a Macho Man elbow on some Martians? Or fire a rocket launcher while jumping off a skyscraper? Now you can!

Action makes it simple with rules that run off a single d10. Just let the Game Runner know what you want to do and make it so with just one roll. 3,2,1...Action! is for everybody. And it’s the perfect system for cinematic storytelling, whether it's ‘80s Action, Crime Drama, Haunts, Heists, Mysteries, Sci-Fi Space Operas or Weird Westerns — 3,2,1...Action! has got you covered.

Kickstarter Edition includes the Player Trading Cards and Monster Playing Cards.

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