Android Netrunner Collection #14 - Base Game + 3 Data Packs

By: Fantasy Flight Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Android - Netrunner LCG - Core & Assorted

(cards sleeved)

Product Info

Android Netrunner Collection #14 - Base Game + 3 Data Packs
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Android: Netrunner is a two-player Living Card Game set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests.

While corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, they have to guard their intellectual properties from the elite and subversive hackers known as netrunners. Netrunners attempt to win the game by stealing the corp's agendas, by any means possible!

Terminal Directive is a narrative campaign expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game. It comes with 86 Corporation cards and 77 Runner cards, including identities for the Criminal, Shaper, Haas-Bioroid, and Weyland Consortium factions. Two PAD sheets, one sticker sheet, one rulebook, and four secret packs of campaign cards and stickers allow you to track your progress. Altogether, along with the Android: Netrunner Core Set, Terminal Directive comes with everything you and a friend need to enjoy a thrilling, ongoing murder investigation in the Android universe in which your cyberstruggles and decisions directly impact the cards and stickers to which you gain access.


  • Android: Netrunner Card Game w/box
  • Data Pack #1 – What Lies Ahead - no box
  • Data Pack #2 – Trace Amount – no box
  • Data Pack #3 – Cyber Exodus – no box

    Components without boxes may be mixed and stored with other items. Individual components have not been counted, but are believed to be complete except where noted above. Specific items range in condition from Fair to NM with most falling around the condition listed for this collection.
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