Really?! Think You Know Me? Guess Again!

By: Really?! Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Card Games (Really?! Games)

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Really?! Think You Know Me? Guess Again!
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
8 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 6 Players
Game Length
30 Minutes


Connect With Your Family & Friends From a Different Angle!

The quirky & fun family friendly game of surprising life questions featuring a list of answers to choose & guess from on a unique answer dial.

Enjoy 24 oz. of FUN with the hottest icebreaker & easiest conversation starter game! Ignite communication & laughter while strengthening connections with family & friends playing Really?! Think you know me? Guess again!

The game comes in a 24 oz. Tumbler containing Ice Pieces and Q&A Cards with surprising questions and a list of fun quirky answers to guess & choose from.

On your turn, simply read out loud a Q&A card. Using your number dial, mark your chosen answer as the other players try to guess your answer by marking it on their number dials.

Everyone reveals their answers! Will your friends & family guess your answer correctly? If they do, add Ice Pieces to the Tumbler; when all your Ice Pieces are in—YOU WIN!

Enjoy an exciting new game with every play! The Q&A Cards remain the same, but as the players and the times change—so do the answers and the conversations.

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