Atlantis - The Second Age Collection - 7 Books!

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Atlantis - The Second Age Collection - 7 Books!
Kieran Turley, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Jerry D. Grayson
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Atlantis is a sword and sorcery game inspired by the works of Fritz Lieber, Michael Moorcock, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith. Atlantis; a strange, wondrous and sometimes horrific antediluvian age where heroes survive by their wits, courage, and strong sword arms. Based on the classic Atlantean Trilogy by Bard Games. Atlantis: The Second Age expands greatly on this already detailed world including detailed rules on alchemy, a dynamic magic system, and exotic technomantic magical creations.

This collection comes with the core book ATLANTIS: The Second Age, four full-length adventures, and Theragraphica, the final companion book.

This collection includes:

  • ATLANTIS: The Second Age Core Book
  • ATLANTIS: The Dark Below
  • ATLANTIS: The Pirate Queens of Sheba
  • ATLANTIS: The Raven Braid
  • ATLANTIS: Death Among the Trees
  • Adventure Anthology
  • Theragraphica

    ATLANTIS: The Dark Below

    The fortress-island of Sargon’s Spur dominates the southern edge of the Sargasso Sea. But all is not well on the scholarly retreat; the great pinnacle lies under siege by a Makara horde while beneath the waves something inconceivably ancient and evil stirs from its timeless sleep. Can the heroes discover the secret of Sargon's Spur, and more importantly, can they survive to tell the tale?

    ATLANTIS: The Pirate Queens of Sheba

    Entangled in a web of intrigue spanning the Sheban criminal underworld and the gleaming halls of the Queen’s royal palace. The heroes fight, sail, and plunder across the scintillating island kingdom of Sheba in their attempt at stopping the rapacious pirate queen Zenobia.

    ATLANTIS: The Raven Braid

    An infernal hunger spreads across the lands consuming everything in its path and the only thing that can stop it is a weapon used by a repentant tribe of stranglers. Finding and using the weapon is the only hope the heroes have at stopping the pestilences that threatens to engulf the Turani lands of the East.

    ATLANTIS: Death Among the Trees

    High in the mountains, cut off from polite society, an aged alchemist once plumbed the secrets of immortality. But at what cost? Uncovered by chance, the horrors of the past seek the light of day once more. Beneath the shadows of ancient trees, the Heroes delve down into the hidden mysteries to face horrors unheard of.

    Adventure Anthology

    Four pulse-pounding adventures set in the time of savage swords and sorcery! A unique anthology that brings to life vivid tales of brutality, treachery, and brutal mayhem by several elite writers in the roleplaying industry. Four epic adventures. Four writers of fantasy high adventures. One book to contain them all. ATLANTIS Adventure Anthology includes:

  • Four full-length adventures for use with ATLANTIS: The Second Age roleplaying game
  • Complete non-player character write-ups
  • Chaotic Combat scenarios
  • And much, much more!


    The Theragraphica is the final companion book for the role-playing game Atlantis: The Second Age. The Theragraphica details the adversaries and creatures that stalk the antediluvian world once ruled by the kingdom of Atlantis. The lavishly illustrated book details creatures of cultural myths from around the world, each keyed to a distinct region to help immerse the players in the world of ATLANTIS. With the Theragraphica, no longer will the heroes battle generic monsters with no cultural grounding.
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