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Avengers The Terminatrix Objective #1

By: Marvel Comics

Type: Comic

Product Line: Avengers Comics (Marvel Comics)

Last Stocked on 5/15/2021

Product Info

Avengers The Terminatrix Objective #1
Mark Gruenwald
Publish Year


Holog-rafix Cover. "Borderlands" Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Mike Gustovich. Inks by Bud LaRosa. Holographic cover by Mike Gustovich. At the end of Avengers Annual 21, Terminatrix (aka Ravonna Lexus) gained control of Kang's entire empire including the capital city of Chronopolis. But in the time since, she has learned just how difficult it is to govern seven millennia of time! At the moment Terminatrix's new empire is under attack from both ends of the time spectrum! A mysterious being called Alioth is pushing from 2,000 B.C., while an unknown adversary (aka Revelation) probes from 5,000 A.D.! To fight by proxy, Revelation plucks Thunderstrike, War Machine, and the U.S. Agent from the time stream and sends them into battle against Terminatrix! Caught off-guard by the three avengers' charge into Chronopolis, the new leader of Kang's empire flees back into timeā€¦and decides to recruit her own team of avengers to challenge Revelation next issue! Cameo appearances by Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Deathhunt 9000, Marcus Immortus, and Kang. Avengers Lineup: Thunderstrike, U.S. Agent, and War Machine.

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