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NPC Portraits Deck - Henchmen & Hirelings

By: Inkwell Ideas

Type: Supplies

Product Line: NPC Portrait Decks

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NPC Portraits Deck - Henchmen & Hirelings
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Hire on some help! Draw a handful of contractors for hire: guards, porters, guides, scholars, and more.

Each system-neutral card has a portrait on the front. The back lists primary and secondary roles, inspiring you with more ways to use them in your adventures. Quirks and quotes help to quickly get into character and make each memorable. Every NPC also has a personality, background, extra value, and flaw to keep them interesting. These cards feature an inclusive range of ethnicities and fantasy races.

  • Portrait of an NPC on one side, the other side has the character's background and personality, with many story hooks.
  • The deck has 54 cards (51 NPC cards, two cards about running henchmen/hirelings, and one cover card).
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