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Lensman #4-6 - Chronicles of the Lensmen vol. 2

By: Old Earth Books

Type: Novel - Hardcover

Product Line: Science Fiction Novels (Old Earth Books)

Last Stocked on 1/29/2021

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Lensman #4-6 - Chronicles of the Lensmen vol. 2
E.E "Doc" Smith
Publish Year
Novel - Hardcover


Volume 2 contains the last 3 books of The Lensmen Series: Gray Lensman, Second Stage Lensman, Children of the Lens.

The ancient races of Arisia and Eddore were at war, the battleground, Earth. Only a few earthlings knew of the struggle, or the decisive role they were to play. These were the Lensmen - bred to endure in the conflict with evil.

Enter...Boskone, a network of brilliant interstellar criminals whose mania for conquest threatened the future of civilization. Time and again the Lensman's Galactic Patrol defeated their forces - and time and again, powerful Boskonian bases sprang up anew. Before long, the Lensmen were forced to face the truth; that minds mightier than their own, operating from an unknown planet, were waging a final war for supremacy. And were winning.

But where was this Boskonian stronghold? It would be up to Lensman Kin Kinnison, using his fantastic mental powers, to infiltrate the enemy's inner circle, learn the location of their Grand Base - and smash it forever!

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