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Battle for Moscow - Operation Typhoon, October-December 1941 (2nd Edition) + Winter Counteroffensive Expansion

By: Victory Point Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Battlesson Series - Ziplock Games

Product Info

Battle for Moscow - Operation Typhoon, October-December 1941 (2nd Edition) + Winter Counteroffensive Expansion
Frank Chadwick
Publish Year
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In September of 1941, the German High Command decided to launch a final, decisive offensive to crown their invasion of Russia, capture Moscow, and break the Red Army once and for all. Codenamed Operation Typhoon, German tanks and infantry pressed relentlessly forward until they could see the very spires of the Kremlin. As Russia’s communist government was burning secret papers and evacuating Lenin’s corpse eastward out of their ancient capital, Moscow was hanging in the balance. By 5 December, the Germans were halted along the entire front – exhausted and demoralized, having barely failed to capture their objective as the winter freeze grew ever colder.

Battle for Moscow is another in the popular series of classic introductory wargames from Victory Point Games offering new players something extra: a Battlesson. Relive this dramatic campaign on the Eastern Front of World War 2 while learning more about the fascinating hobby of wargaming, where you hold command as history holds its breath.

Game Components:

  • One 4-page, color Standard Rules booklet
  • 40 color, two-sided die-cut 5/8” mounted pieces
  • One 11” x 17” color game map with tables
  • 1 Player Aid sheet
  • 1 BATTLESSON sheet
  • Polybag packaging and component storage

    Second Edition Changes:


  • Tula is a Major City in addition to being a fortified hex
  • An extra ½ hex row has been added along the south map edge and an extra Russian 4-4 unit sets up there
  • The map edges are marked for Lines of Communication, and the Russian map edge has been extended to the northeast and southeast map edge


  • German 7-4 infantry units flip to 3-4s
  • A Game Turn marker has been added

    Player Aid Sheet

  • The Russian 1st Shock Army has been added to Game Turn Track as a Turn 4 Reinforcement
  • Major City information added (as in The Arduous Beginning)
  • Mud rule reference number included
  • Russian Replacements reduced from 5 to 4 on the third and fourth Game Turns


  • Reinforcement Rule for 1st Shock army now separately numbered and works as it does in The Arduous Beginning (i.e., it arrives at full-strength)
  • 5.0 How to Win: The Germans win if they control Moscow at the end of Game Turn 7. The Russians win if they control Moscow and one other city. Any other result (i.e., the Germans control every city but Moscow) is a draw
  • 6.0 Setting up the Game: Two of the Russian units that set up “behind the lines” are in different placement hexes (for improved play balance); one of the German set up hexes has been altered to reflect a small penetration of the Russian's line
  • 6.0 #5: The game now begins with German Combat Phase
  • 9.3; DR result: Changed to work the same as it does in The Arduous Beginning; i.e., you can retreat through EZOCs (but not end a retreat in them), if necessary, but lose a step in the process
  • Stand Fast: When defending in a Major City hex (only; i.e., Moscow or Tula), the Defender may convert a DR result to a single step loss and no retreat
  • Play Balance rules adjusted and moved to inside front cover
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