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Echoes in the Stream of Time

By: Radiance House

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Radiance RPG (d20)

MSRP $6.95

Product Info

Echoes in the Stream of Time
Product Line
Dario Nardi
Publish Year
NKG Part #


In this story, you the reader make choices and take chances as you hunt evil’s spawn during the 1930s.

You are a young air force officer investigating horrors in a gray world at rest between terrible wars. This morning, a flight returned to base empty. Your mates and mentor are missing. By sleuthing and spells, can you solve the mystery? Can you face your past and attain your dreams? Will you survive an unsettling transformation stirring inside of you?

The stage is a royal air force base in an alternate world akin to Earth. You’ve got familiar electric conveniences but beyond the bright lights there’s magic, and monsters lurk ready to snatch the unwary. You’ve got allies: fellow junior officers Slacks and Mancy, civilian venturist Calv, vivid memories of your wise mentor Mage Greene, and an addled old man who knows the secrets of “pact spirits” that can lend you power.

This adventure gamebook is part fiction, part game. It’s for one reader -player or several. It’s organized as forty two scenes along a dramatic arc. Some scenes are optional or let you select from romantic options. All are harrowing, heart-breaking, or horrific.

Scenes are chock-full of rich description and dialogue, offer tactical choices, and deliver to you the consequences of failures and successes.

Features pact magic: the summoning of ancient broken spirits of yore.

This is a stand-alone product that requires at least one standard die (6-sides) and ideally a 20-sided die to resolve the many challenges throughout. To track your health, sanity, gear, and treasure, you get a simple character sheet that you can print.

This is book #2 in the ongoing Dark Prism series. Like book #1, you can implement the adventure using your favorite tabletop roleplaying game.

This gamebook is for ages 9+.

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