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Lorn Song of the Bachelor

By: Exalted Funeral

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Roleplaying Games (Exalted Funeral)

Last Stocked on 11/13/2020

Product Info

Lorn Song of the Bachelor
Zedeck Siew
Publish Year


Weeds trail the water. The sandbar just off the shore shifts. A reptile rumble, a splash. Now a gaping maw. A roar. Claws splintering wood. The boat capsizes. You are in the river, now.

He is the Bachelor: a pale crocodile, as long as five men lying end to end. He swallows hunters, families, trading skiffs. Prospectors fear to go out. Witches mutter. They say he causes landslips. They say he is a god, a curse -- an old, old sin, staining the river. They say he has been killed, before.

He is pulling you under.

Lorn Song of the Bachelor is a 48-page riverine adventure and dungeon crawl module, inspired by the crocodile stories of Southeast Asia -- particularly Sarawak.

It features:

  • Tragedy, a bloody curse, and a love gone very sour
  • Open-ended factional interplay between local villagers, a foreign merchant Company, and a giant supernatural crocodile -- and its motivating spirits
  • Multiple random tables, including: magical fabrics woven by god-possessed craftspersons; trinkets of a now-fallen Monkey Empire; medicinal herbs and animals
  • 19 new creatures, including: mind-controlling catfish; golems made of teeth; a pregnant tiger spirit
  • Wilderness travel up an enchanted river
  • An extraplanar dungeon complex that can change the surrounding environment
  • A morally complex treatment of colonialism, within the framework of an adventure module
  • A giant crocodile who really wants to eat you
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