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Blitzkrieg - 2 Combined Copies!

By: Avalon Hill

Type: Collection

Product Line: War Games - World War II - Land Combat (Avalon Hill)

Last Stocked on 8/19/2020

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Blitzkrieg - 2 Combined Copies!
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Blitzkrieg is a fictional representation of the great onset of WWII. Five minor countries become engulfed in a tremendous conflict for territory waged by major countries. Blitzkrieg is a board game with printed cardboard square pieces played on a hard mapboard. Printed on the mapboard is a map on a hexagonal grid (hex spaces, or simply "hexes"), and terrain for land, beach, cities, rivers, roads, mountain, desert, and borders. There are a few charts, such as the one for the combat results table, and a die for random outcomes. The cardboard pieces represent large military units. There are brigades, divisions, squadrons and air wings. The different types of military units represented are infantry, airborne, rangers, armor, shock artillery, fighters, and bombers. Navel action is allowed but abstracted.

Includes components from the 1st and 2nd printing of Blitzkrieg.

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