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Ars Magica Collections - 8 Books w/Storyguide's Screen!

By: White Wolf

Type: Collection

Product Line: Ars Magica (White Wolf)

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Ars Magica Collections - 8 Books w/Storyguide's Screen!
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A circle of crones in the pine barrens at midnight, a group of scholars walking about a university chattering in words none but they can understand, a gathering of men in a secluded ally whispering with heads twitching like the rats around them. They take many faces but the covenants all share something in common. They exist to protect; they were created to serve the masters of magic and guard their secrets.

In Ars Magica, you and your select cadre of companion’s form such a covenant. Featuring class-free, highly modular character creation you can sculpt your character into whatever part of the covenant you wish from the stalwart warrior, to the adept scholar, all the way to the master magus. These tomes in particular feature a plethora of adventures as well as setting sourcebooks so your covenant may last indefinitely through the ages. Titles included are:

  • The Pact of Pasaquine
  • Twelfth Night
  • Midsummer Night's Dream, A
  • Medieval Bestiary
  • More Mythic Places
  • Mythic Europe
  • Mythic Places
  • Pax Dei
  • Storyguide’s Screen
  • Character Sheets
You may wander to many adventures seeking out strange and esoteric secrets, but you will always return home to your covenant, forge that covenant with the Ars Magica Starter Collection.

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