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Among Nobles

By: Among Meeples

Type: Boxed Game

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Product Info

Among Nobles
Morten Andersen, Tina Christensen, Robert Jensen
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
14 Years and Up
# Players
3 - 5 Players
Game Length
90 - 120 Minutes


Among Nobles is a game about family building in feudal Europe.

Each player starts with two character cards representing a married couple, the ancestral lord and his lady. Married couples have the wife placed beneath her husband - the wife boosts her husband’s abilities.

Every turn the players take alternating actions, each time activating a character or a couple. An activation lets you pick an action series (row) and take all the actions in that series. Since women lend their actions to her husband, activating couples can be more efficient than activating single characters.

Players use their family to advance their influence on the game, wage war, earn gold and - most importantly - expand their family and thereby giving themselves more characters to choose from (more options) and access to more powerful nobles from later ages.

The game is played over 3 ages: I, II and III. Each age lasts until the current deck of cards run out. When the last card of a deck is put on the display line, the current round of actions is carried out, and a generation change takes place. When the last card of the III deck is put on the display line, the game ends after the current round of actions has been carried out.

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