Fae Nightmares

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Product Line: Fae Nightmares

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Fae Nightmares
Product Line
Brett Boyko, Mariah Malczewska
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NKG Part #


Play characters who are becoming something less human and more like the beings found in stories; the Fae, monsters, gods, and everything in between.
Fae Nightmares is a Modern Urban Fantasy setting for the Savage Worlds Deluxe system. Fae Nightmares combines the Urban Fantasy genre’s roots in detective and horror stories, and the wonder and fear found in Fairy Tales. Players and GMs alike can draw from a wide range of legends and myths: from Celtic Fae to Native American stories; from urban myths to lumberjack tall tales. There are so many stories and inspirations that are ridiculously cool and just don’t get enough recognition!

In the midst of a shadow war between two Fae Courts in your own city, you are thrown into a world of extremes and contradiction where you must to adapt to a new reality, or perish.
The setting, Arden, was build in modular pieces so that you can play in Arden or your own home. Each sub-location has its own flavor and personality (and encounters), making a rich tapestry of locations. While set in a big city, the courts have more of a small community feel - the number of Fae and Nightmares measure in the hundreds. This, and the shape-shifting nature of many characters, have contributed to the setting being particularly gender neutral, queer & LGBT friendly.

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