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1914 2-Pack

1914 2-Pack
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Author: James Dunnigan
Publish Year: 1968
Dimensions: 11.5x14.5x1.5"
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game
Age Range: 12 Years and Up
# Players: 2 Players
Game Length: 360 Minutes


1914 is a traditional hex and counter war game that attempts to simulate the opening phases of WW I on the Western Front. This was James Dunnigan’s second game for Avalon Hill. Like many war games combat is resolved through the use of dice and a combat results table (CRT).

The players accumulate victory points by occupying 24 key areas at the game end as well as points for enemy units destroyed. The Eastern Front with Russia is abstracted and the German player may receive victory points for deploying part of his initial forces there, and will lose points for invading Belgium, Luxembourg or Holland. The player who most effectively wears down his opponent and holds geographical objectives will win the game.

This listing includes two copies of the game that have been combined and are stored in a single base game box. Individual components have not been counted, but there is most likely at least 1 complete game between the two. Conditions range from Fair to NM with most components falling somewhere in between.