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Befouled Maze of the Demi-Lich

Befouled Maze of the Demi-Lich
Sub Category: Dungeons & Dragons
Author: Joe Pearce
Publish Year: 2017
Pages: 20
Dimensions: 7x10x.1"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: WEBW-002
Type: Module


One day a group of adventurers, just minding their own business, traveling between one town to another, notices something that sparks their curiosity off the road. They find an isolated shrine and, inside, an elderly, wizened, bald man in grey robes. He greets the party and reveals via a tarot card reading an intriguing side quest: saving the beloved friend of a demigoddess from within a bewitched hedge maze, and defeating the perpetrator of this kidnapping, the lich Ulsus Malachite.

The party members agree the undead fiend will not be caught unprepared. The maze will likely be full of foul beasts and devious traps that will try to stop foes from thwarting his plans by destroying the unwary. The elder hints that the demigoddess will grant priceless rewards, including a heart’s desire, with a successful rescue. Can the adventurers survive to claim it? Also, what exactly does the lich gain by this kidnapping?

Are you a game master looking for an interesting and challenging adventure for your players that can be completed in one session? Then consider Befouled Maze of the Demi-Lich, a mini-adventure module designed for a band of 6-8 5th Edition DnD characters of 10th to 12th level.