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Battlestations Collection 2 - 2 Base Games + 4 Expansions!

By: Gorilla Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Battlestations

Last Stocked on 12/23/2019

Product Info

Battlestations Collection 2 - 2 Base Games + 4 Expansions!
Product Line
Publish Year
Age Range
13 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 9 Players
Game Length
60 - 180 Minutes


Are you a hero?

...because if you are you won't last long on this crew. Hurtle your crew through space and troubleshoot the incoming enemies as they appear. Simultaneously repel boarders as you fly loop-the-loops away from enemy fighters. Don't worry if you die, you might have a couple of clones to spare, and never to fear, with all of the included expansion material your journey might last quite a long time...


  • Battlestations (1st Edition) x2
  • Galactic Civil War
  • Pax Galacticum
  • Pirates of Trundlia
  • The Planet of Dr. Moreau
All components have been combined and are split between both base game boxes. Conditions range from Fair to NM with most falling somewhere in between. Components have not been counted but are assumed to be complete.

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