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Battlelore Mega Collection #5 - 2 Core Game + 30 Expansions!

By: Fantasy Flight Games

Type: Collection

Product Line: Battlelore 1st Edition (Fantasy Flight Games)

Last Stocked on 8/15/2019

Product Info

Battlelore Mega Collection #5 - 2 Core Game + 30 Expansions!
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This massive horde of all things Battlelore is ready to storm onto your tabletop at a full gallop. Featuring exciting expansions, some of which are only becoming more elusive, this collection is filled to overflowing with figurines, terrain tiles and tokens and cards. Trample your enemies beneath mighty cavalry, bury them beneath a horde of goblins, or destroy them with daring dwarves. This is the largest collection of Battlelore we have ever seen!

This particular collection is believed to contain:

  • Battlelore x2 - missing boards
  • Bearded Brave Pack x2
  • Call to Arms Expansion x2
  • Code of Chivalry Expansion x2
  • Creatures Expansion x2
  • Dragons Expansion x2
  • Dwarven Battalion Pack
  • Epic Expansion x2
  • For Troll & Country x2
  • Goblin Marauders x2
  • Goblin Skirmishers Pack
  • Heroes Expansion
  • Horrific Horde Pack x2
  • Hundred Years’ War Expansion
  • Scottish Wars Expansion x2
Most packaging is included, but components are mixed and distributed between various boxes, but all components are between VG+ and NM and ready for play, and includes printouts of English rules for sets that are in French. Individual components have not been counted. While the sets are believed to be complete it is possible individual components may be missing.

Craft the epic conflict of your wildest imaginings with this Battlelore Mega Collection!

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