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#32 "The Whiff of Grapeshot, The Maryland Line at the Seven Days, Stumblers at the Gates"

By: Against the Odds

Type: Magazine

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#32 "The Whiff of Grapeshot, The Maryland Line at the Seven Days, Stumblers at the Gates"
Michael Rinella
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The Seven Days Campaign, fought from June 26th to July 2nd, 1862, represented the Union’s finest chance to put an early end to the great rebellion, and the Confederacy’s best shot at “bagging” an entire Union Army.

Virtually unknown when appointed to command the month before, Gen. Robert E. Lee promptly renamed his force, "The Army of Northern Virginia" - defining a future theater of operations the present defenders of the swampy ground east of Richmond could scarcely imagine. Aggressive and imaginative by nature, Lee summoned virtually every spare unit the South could muster for that rarest of Southern advantages, numerical superiority.

His planned counterattack, a massive turning operation designed to roll back the divided Yankee forces and seize their main supply base, would ultimately fail to destroy all Union forces due to inexperience and command failures. Yet Lee so dashed and demoralized the Union leadership at all levels that the Army of the Potomac could do little more than defend and then evacuate the peninsula “prison camp” it had been forced into. Here indeed was where a legend was born….

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