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Ace of Aces (Leatherette Reprint Edition)

By: Flying Buffalo

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Board Games (Flying Buffalo)

Last Stocked on 6/16/2020

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Ace of Aces (Leatherette Reprint Edition)
Alfred Leonardi
Publish Year
Box Set


In 1981, a phenomenon hit the adventure game convention circuit. Alfred Leonardi had invented a game about World War I planes dogfighting, a subject that should have had limited appeal. But it used a unique (and patented) system - each player had a book of pictures of his plane and his opponent, in various combat positions, and the game was played by calling out numbers representing various air combat moves. It was like a two-player computer game, without a computer. It became hugely popular and spawned several follow-up games using other aircraft. In 1993 it was added to the Origins Awards Hall of Fame. You can play this game anywhere with just the two books - no dice (or batteries) required.

Now that game has been reprinted in a stunning leatherette slipcase edition to entrance a new generation or to let those who were there back in the day relive their past glories.

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