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ASL Colossal Components Collection #1 - Over 250 Pounds of Material!

By: Avalon Hill

Type: Collection

Product Line: Squad Leader & Advanced Squad Leader Parts & Collections (Avalon Hill)

Last Stocked on 2/1/2020

Product Info

ASL Colossal Components Collection #1 - Over 250 Pounds of Material!


This is, without overstatement, the single largest collection of Advanced Squad Leader Components ever to be sold by Noble Knight Games to date.

This collection assembles hundreds of maps, hundreds of scenarios, and tens of thousands of counters for you to make use of in your Squad Leader Games. It is probable that there are complete games in this collection, however no item is individually guaranteed to be so. Contents include:


  • 84 mounted map boards including at least one of each numbered board 1-48 with many duplicates
  • 73 fold-out paper maps
  • 60 cardstock mapboards
  • 31 single-page maps
  • 89 sheets of overlays
  • dozens, possibly hundreds, of loose overlays


  • ASL Rulebook 2nd Edition x2
  • Chapter E
  • Chapter F
  • Chapter G
  • Chapter FB
  • Chapter O
  • Chapter P
  • Chapter Q
  • Chapter R
  • Chapter S
  • Chapter T
  • Chapter V
  • Chapter Z
  • Chapter OM
  • Tyrant’s Lair II
  • Afrikakorps special rules
  • Berlin – Final Days
  • Operation Veritable
  • Operation – Watchtower
  • Starter Kit #1
  • Starter Kit #1 Expansion Pack
  • Starter Kit #2
  • Starter Kit #3
  • Operation Cobra
  • Blood & Jungle
  • Crucible of Steel
  • St. Nazaire – Operation Chariot
  • Kampfgruppe Scherer – The Shield of Cholm
  • Beyond the Beachead
  • Maxim Gorki


    Hundreds of scenarios are included which easily fill four 3-inch binders with many more spilling out into boxes and other bags. These scenarios come from a variety of sources including original ASL games, General Magazine, Critical Hit, and other 3rd party publishers. It is fairly safe to say that if you started playing each and every one the minute you received this lot that you may well not be able to finish in your lifetime.


    The heart of the ASL game series is here in abundance with what could well be tens of thousands of counters. The vast majority of included counters are stored in plastic sorting trays and are organized by faction, however the quality of that sorting cannot be guaranteed. No certainty is assumed that any complete sets of counters are included or that counters from any particular source are included, however it is very likely that whatever counter you might need is in there someplace.


    Also included are a selection of magazines devoted to ASL including issues of General Magazine, and various other publications. Most notably all issues of ASL Annual from 1989-1996 are included as well as issues of ASL Journal 1-10.

    In sum total this collection represents the vast panorama of the ASL game series with multitudinous extras so that your tabletop can be transformed into a warzone without peer. The included components range from Fair to EX with most being somewhere in between. Get a tremendous value in wargaming in one fell swoop. With this many components there is no limit to the scope of your potential battles!
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