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NavTac - Battle of Dogger Bank

By: Minden Games

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Product Line: War Games (Minden Games)

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NavTac - Battle of Dogger Bank
Gary Graber
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Battle of Dogger Bank is a BATTLEGAME BOOK, covering Great War battles with individually rated warships using the same system as NavTac: Coronel & Falklands. Battle of Dogger Bank focuses on the rise of the battlecruiser in the British and German navies, and contains several historical scenarios, including Battle of Dogger Bank (1915).

Battle of Dogger Bank is an 84-page illustrated book, which includes full rules (standard, optional, and advanced), facsimile ship counters, game tables, several scenarios, and historical commentary. You may use your own naval miniatures to play, or the ship counters provided. Ships from Great Britain and Germany are included within its pages. Instructions are written with 1/3000 scale in mind, but provision is made for converting effortlessly to other popular scales.

The game is based on Fletcher Pratt's classic system, but uses tables and dice rolls instead of range estimation for fire combat. The system is further enhanced by new procedures for ranging fire, critical hits, shell splashes, weather, ammunition rules, and many other small additions which, when used together, increases authenticity with little effect on playability.

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